Municipal Committee Dina Punjab Jobs 2023 New Vacancies

  • Organization: Municipal Committee
  • Testing Organization: Municipal Committee
  • Announcement Date: Fri 22 September, 2023
  • Last Date: Thu 05 October, 2023

The Municipal Committee in Dina, Punjab has opened job positions for 2023. They’ve listed contract jobs in their advertisement.

These roles are open to both newcomers and those with experience who have the qualifications specified in the ad. The announcement was made on 22/09/2023, and the deadline for application is 05/10/2023. Ensure to apply by this date if you fit the criteria.

Vacant Position

  • Legal advisor

How to Apply?

  1. Position: Applications are being accepted for the role of Legal Adviser at the Municipal Committee Dina.
  2. Deadline: Applications should be submitted by 06/10/2023.
  3. Experience Requirement: Applicants must provide a certificate showing at least five years of experience at the High Court bar. This certificate should be verified by the District Attorney.
  4. Salary: The appointed Legal Adviser will receive a monthly honorarium from the Municipal Committee Dina, as set by the government.
  5. Duration: The role will be for a two-year term.
  6. Travel Compensation: If cases need to be pursued outside the district of Jhelum, travel and daily allowance will be provided according to government rules.
  7. Scope of Work: The Legal Adviser will handle cases in High Courts, District Courts, Labor Courts, the ombudsman office, and Service Tribunals.
  8. Application Submission: Submit your original application with the required details to the Municipal Committee Dina by 05/10/2023.
  9. Important: Incomplete applications or those that don’t fit the criteria will be disregarded.
  10. Guidelines: All procedures will adhere to the current Legal Advisor Rules set by the Government of Punjab.

For any queries, contact:
Gulshan Noreen,
Chief Officer,
Municipal Committee Dina.

Municipal Committee Dina Punjab Jobs 2023
Municipal Committee Dina Punjab Jobs 2023

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