The Best Online Business Ideas for Passive Income in 2023

Want to generate passive income every day? It is the perfect time for it. The AI revolution has opened the doors of opportunities, even for those without technical skills. Moreover, many other technologies and online tools have recently been developed to help you in your money-making journey.

Before further ado, let’s learn the best online business ideas for passive income in 2023!

  • Create YouTube Videos

YouTube is among the best platforms that you can utilize for passive income. If you create quality content that people want to see, you will be able to make YouTube a great source of income. In addition, if your content is worth watching, you could generate more revenue than your regular job.

Now comes the real question? How can you create YouTube videos with zero video editing skills? That’s where the AI tools can come in handy. 

The easiest way to create YouTube videos is to go on ChatGPT or any other AI-language model tool and create YouTube scripts or content through it. After that, open any AI-based text-to-video converter and paste your content into it. 

Based on your script, the text-to-video converters will generate a video using multiple short clips and images. Make minor editing to the video, and it will be ready to be uploaded within a few minutes.

How to Get Organic Views on YouTube Videos?

To enhance your reach and view count, you need to add captivating thumbnails to your videos. Those thumbnails force users to click on the video link and watch it. That’s why almost every YouTube content creator adds thumbnails to their videos.

To create thumbnails, you can install any YouTube thumbnail maker app on your mobile phone. It will help you create any type of thumbnail you want, and that too within a few moments. 

Usually, every thumbnail creator application has tons of templates and design elements that make the thumbnail creation process easier and faster. So, you also don’t need to learn design skills to create attractive thumbnails.

Apart from that, you can promote your videos on different online platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It will help you complete the monetization requirements within the least time possible.

  • Join an Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing is another excellent way to generate passive income. Many e-commerce platforms, online tools, and services-based companies have started affiliate programs. You can leverage their programs and make as much money as you want. Even many people these days are earning thousands of dollars utilizing those programs.

However, you must not randomly pick any affiliate marketing program you find first on Google. Instead, you should research and select the products or services that offer good commissions, and people also love to buy those products.

How to Sell Affiliate Products/Services?

Once you choose an affiliate program, the next step is to promote them using the right platforms. For example, you can market them on Facebook, Instagram, websites, and YouTube.

If you own a Facebook page or group with thousands of users, you can promote the affiliate products there. Moreover, you can promote them on Instagram using the proper hashtags. Apart from that, if you have a website with massive traffic, you can also promote the products on your website. And lastly, you can also create YouTube videos and shorts to market the affiliate products.

  • Start Your Blog

After YouTube and Affiliate programs, you have another excellent way to earn money is through blogging. Although many people find blogging very difficult and time-consuming, it isn’t. If you know the right tools and tricks to start and manage your blogs, you can easily start making thousands of dollars by blogging.

To start your new blog, select a profitable and less competitive niche. After that, create a website using WordPress and install a free theme. The next step is to find content ideas; that’s where Google Trends, Google Suggestions, and other online tools can help.

To create content for your blog, you can get assistance from ChatGPT. Give it a topic, create an outline, and guide it on what kind of content you want. It will immediately start creating content on the given prompt. After that, make the required editing to the content and optimize it by naturally adjusting keywords and adding internal and external links.

Now comes the time to add visuals. For that purpose, you can use Dall-E 2 or Mid Journey. Both tools use AI technology to analyze prompts and create digital images accordingly. In addition, however, you have another option to find images, stock images.

How to Get Visitors to the Blog?

To get visitors to your blogs, you should optimize your blog using the best strategies. To learn them, you can watch YouTube videos by famous SEO experts.

Moreover, you can also promote your blog anywhere you can. For example, you can utilize Facebook groups, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, etc. You can also generate backlinks on high-authority websites to boost your website’s authority and get referral traffic. 

The Best Strategy

Although all three business ideas are great, if you combine them, you can multiply the earnings. For instance, if you create YouTube videos or shorts, promote them on your blog. That’s how you can make your blogs more engaging and get more views on your YouTube videos.

Similarly, you can also select a niche where you can promote your affiliate products. After that, promote those products on YouTube and blogs. That’s how you can make money for YouTube, Affiliate marketing, and blog

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