Teaching Jobs In Islamabad For Male & Female (Salary Package Rs 45000)

Top 10 Teaching Jobs In Islamabad. Are you looking for a job in Islamabad? Here are the top 10 best jobs that you can apply for. The list includes both government and private-sector jobs. This list is based on ranking, feedbacks of citizens of Pakistan, salaries, perks, and other benefits.

Teaching at the best degree is the most remunerative job in Pakistan. For many young college graduates, it’s their first choice. The capital city of Islamabad needs teachers at every level and here are a few options for you if you think teaching can be your career option. Most jobs are with private sector institutions followed by government colleges and universities.

Teaching Jobs In Islamabad

About Islamabad:

The capital city of Pakistan Islamabad is situated in the Pothohar Plateau in the north-western part of the country. It was built during the 1950s to replace Karachi as the federal capital after independence in 1947. The capital territory comprises three districts (Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Attock) and is known for its pleasant weather, beautiful landscape, and modernized architecture.

About teaching:

Teaching as a profession has always been one of the most respected career options in Pakistan. Thousands of teachers are working at all educational levels from primary to higher education. There are also huge numbers of teaching jobs at different educational institutions, both government and private.

Top 10 Teaching Jobs in Islamabad These are the Top 10 Teaching jobs in Islamabad according to the survey of the educational sector. The students will be able to get these education jobs by just having online tests and interviews. There are many teachers who want to apply for these top jobs but they need good best quality English language pronunciation. The interview is based on the English language so you must learn and practice the best English pronunciation tips.

Teaching is a profession that requires one to have complete knowledge of the subject they are teaching. The job requires you to uncover out new things about your subject. So, if you want a secure future with ample opportunities then become a teacher.

If you are interested in the teaching profession, here are the top Teaching jobs in Islamabad.

But if you are not aware of a teaching job then google is your friend. I am sharing this with those who know about the teaching profession. Here are some important points that should be remembered before starting any type of job.

1) Age Limit For Teaching Jobs According to Govt. Rules

The minimum age limit of the applicant should be at least 18 years and a maximum of 25 years.

2) Educational Criteria For Teaching Jobs in Islamabad

Overall Master’s Degree is an appropriate criterion for applying for any teaching job, but you can get a job if you have Bachelors’s or equivalent degree in your related field.

3) Required Qualification For Teaching Jobs in Islamabad

Applicants must have higher qualifications in their relevant field.

4) Experience in Teaching Jobs in Islamabad

Experience plays an important role in applying for any teaching job, so you should have working experience in your relevant field.

5) All Departments Are not Allow to Teachers to Teach Students Directly

Teachers should be well skilled to teach students efficiently, so working in a relevant field is a must.

6) Best Jobs For Female Teachers in Islamabad

If you are a female teacher and currently looking for a teaching job so here is the good news for you that PPSC has announced various teaching jobs for female teachers.

7) Salary Package for Teaching Jobs in Islamabad

Everyone knows that the teaching profession is among the best-paid job, so if you want to earn a handsome salary package here is the best option. But before apply skilled teachers are required for every teaching job.

8) Teaching Jobs in Islamabad For Matric & Intermediate Exams

On the other hand, the Government of Pakistan has announced various jobs for matric and intermediate exams too. So you can also apply for these jobs keeping in mind the above points.

Top 10 teaching jobs in Islamabad that will give you a good salary and an easy life. These teaching jobs are available for both genders with different qualifications and experience required. There is no age limit to apply for these teaching jobs, the only eligibility criteria are a bachelor’s degree plus two years of relevant work experience or a master’s degree. Most of these teaching jobs require teaching experience. This means you can apply for these teaching jobs after a relevant degree and relevant teaching experience.

Alliance University is a private university in Pakistan that has announced the latest teaching jobs in the Top 10 Teaching Jobs In Islamabad (Pakistan) based on the following criteria:

Accounting, Applied Physics, Art and Crafts, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Language Teaching (ELT), Graphic Design, and Mathematics.

The minimum qualification required for the positions is MSc/ MS or its equivalence with 3 years teaching experience at higher secondary school level.

1- Lecturer (BPS-17) at National University of Modern Languages (NUML)

This is an attractive job for those who are graduate-level qualified. The salary of Lecturers at NUML varies between Rs. 25,000 to 35,000 pm besides other benefits.

2- Master Teacher (BPS-16) at National Police Foundation College

It is the best Government job in Islamabad. The salary is Rs35,000 pm with all benefits included. It has great career prospects and advancement opportunities.

3- Counselor (BPS-17) at National University of Modern Languages

This job at NUML offers a handsome pay scale that ranges from Rs25,000 to 35,000 pm plus other perks and benefits.

4- Assistant Professor (BPS-18) at Virtual University of Pakistan

This university offers a lecturer job with a salary of Rs35,000 pm besides other facilities. It is one of the top jobs in Islamabad as far as academic qualification is concerned.

5- Incharge Auditor / Internal Audit Officer at State Bank of Pakistan

This is by far the most secure job in Islamabad. The applicant must have a degree level qualification and experience in accounting will be preferred. The starting salary for this job is Rs35,000 pm with other benefits. It has career prospects as it may lead to top positions in SBI after some years. At present, there is no other job in Islamabad that matches this opportunity.

6- Coordinator Required at Royal Educational Academy

This top private-sector job offers a handsome pay package, a great working environment, and great career prospects. There are many opportunities for girls or boys to take professional courses here while attending to their daily jobs after office hours. The salary for this job ranges between Rs35,000 to 45,000 pm, besides other perks and facilities.

7- Career Counselor at Regional Directorate of National Education

One can get this job after graduation and a minimum experience of 5 years in similar positions. The salary starts from Rs25,000 and goes up to Rs40,000 pm plus other benefits.

8- Principal at Roots International Schools

This is one of the top jobs in Islamabad for women in particular. The salary starts around Rs40,000 pm plus other facilities. Getting into this job may help open doors to better jobs later on because it has great potentials and career prospects. It also serves as an entry point to other top schools.

9- English Teacher at Royal Educational Academy

The salary of teachers starts around Rs20,000 pm and goes up to Rs45,000 pm plus other facilities. There are also opportunities for career advancement because the academy provides training programs from time to time. This job opens doors to a number of options in Islamabad as it has great career prospects for women in particular.

10- Lecturer (BPS-17) at Virtual University of Pakistan

This is one of the top jobs in Islamabad that has good pay scales and career growth potentials. The salary ranges between Rs35,000 to 45,000 pm plus other perks and facilities. It is also counted among the top jobs in Islamabad.

11- Founder Principal at Roots School System

This top job offers a handsome salary package that ranges from Rs 60,000 to 80,000 pm plus other facilities. Those who join this school system will get training of their choice and experience in teaching children of different age groups.

There are professional development opportunities here. The founders of the school run another school that is presently in its initial years. There are opportunities to work in different schools depending on interests and career goals.

12- Head of Department at Virtual University of Pakistan

The salary for this job ranges between Rs35,000 to 45,000 pm plus other perks and facilities. This university has emerged as one of the best higher education institutions in Islamabad and people who work here enjoy great respect.

13- Career Counselor at Virtual University of Pakistan

The salary ranges between Rs30,000 to 40,000 pm plus other facilities including leave to pursue studies. This university has emerged as one of the top jobs in Islamabad for academics and those who join here can look forward to great career opportunities in the future. The job has good career prospects and growth potentials.

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Final Words.

This article gives a comprehensive view of top jobs in Islamabad for women besides describing each job briefly. In addition to the mentioned jobs, there are many other options available for women in particular including jobs at hospitals, banks, and allied sectors, etc.

There is no doubt that Islamabad, being an emerging city with its growing infrastructure the career prospects in the capital are very encouraging. The jobs in the mentioned list are also among the best jobs in Islamabad for women, so feel free to join any of these institutes because working here will help you get more job opportunities in the future.

Teaching Jobs In Islamabad

Teaching Jobs In Islamabad
Teaching Jobs In Islamabad

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