Top 20 Target Interview Questions & Answers (2021)

Congratulations on getting an interview at Target! You’re one step closer to working with one of the world’s largest department stores! Top 20 Target Interview Questions

We’ve got you covered if you’re nervous about the interview and not sure where to start.

I have researched some of the most common Target interview questions you may be asked when attending an interview session. Top 20 Target Interview Questions 

Additionally, you’ll find sample answers and guidance so you will feel confident and prepared. Let’s begin!

Top 20 Target Interview Questions

Top 20 Target Interview Questions

1. Please tell us what you know about Target.

It may not be asked first, but it will definitely be asked. If you are considering Target as a possible employer, it is important to understand the basics of the company. Target adds to the importance of this question by attempting to establish a strong connection with consumers. 

Target is not trying to be the discount store of choice, but rather the all-around store of choice. All of their products are of great quality and reasonably priced, ranging from raw meat and veggies to designer women’s clothes to electronics to sporting goods. 

The following are some key Target facts:

  • Roseville, Minnesota, was founded in 1962. 
  • There are now over 1,800 stores in the United States.
  • The company is a Fortune 500 company.
  • The company is positioned as an upscale discount retailer.
  • It goes like this: Expect more, pay less.
  • CVS operates the pharmacy.
  • They have their own credit card, the Red Card
  • Target Express stores range in size from small to giant.
  • We have been partnering with Starbucks for over 20 years and have more than 1300 cafes in their stores. 
  • Bullseye is their mascot dog.

2. Tell us about yourself.

Interviewers want to find out who is behind the paper application, what you can tell them about your work experience, and your personal qualities that don’t fit the lines already written.

You should mention your personal hobbies and interests as they are part of who you are, but be sure to focus on the things that make you a good candidate to work at Target.

It is a good idea to bring up training, experience, and work-related goals during this part of the conversation.

This is a good opportunity for candidates who are seeking to fill one of the many department staffing positions to show how they can present features (facts, in this case about themselves) as benefits (something people want).

Top 20 Target Interview Questions

3. What makes you want to work at Target?

Use the facts from the first two answers. Explain that since Target is a Fortune 500 company, you are eager to work there.

Let the public know how much you appreciate the products and prices at Target and why you would be proud to represent them. You can tell them that it would help you pay for your college education if you are going to college.

4. In five years, where do you see yourself?

If you are interested in a career at Target, check their websites for openings or positions that you could see yourself filling in the future.

Target will train internal candidates for some positions, but companies don’t want to invest that kind of time and effort in someone who isn’t likely to stay.

The transition from sales to management is a common career goal in retail. Education or training that you already have in such things will demonstrate your commitment level and be a plus in your favor.

5. Why should Target hire you for this position?

Do your research on the Target website about the position for which you’re applying, and then tailor your answer to demonstrate that you understand the job requirements and that you can meet or exceed them.

Support positions and sales floor jobs have different duties, so research the specific job title and explain how you will benefit Target if hired.

Top 20 Target Interview Questions

6. Define excellent customer service.

See what Target has to say about customer service on their websites. The company’s motto is “Expect more, pay less.”

It explains Target’s core value, mission statement, or purpose on its corporate website:

We promise surprises, fun, ease, and inspiration at every turn, no matter when, where, or how you shop. That’s what we’re here for. That’s our mission. 

Your answer should reflect that you understand and agree with this statement.

7. What do you do when a customer comes to you upset?

In a question of this type, the first action or statement is crucial. You will need to find out why the customer is upset in this specific case. Describe how you would go about finding out.

Simple is best, you just ask the customer what’s wrong or “How can I help?”.”Target does not want to alienate any customers, so emphasizing your calm demeanor would be a good idea.

8. The customer is upset because they can’t find a certain item, describe how you would assist.

Target does not want the customer to be passed from one store member to another. Describe how you would lead them to the correct place, or that you would find out right away where it is and lead them there.

Target does not want a staffer to point to over there or say aisle 6, they want the situation handled correctly by the person they have assigned to handle it

Don’t forget that customer, the one they’re talking to right now. Your answer to the interviewer should demonstrate your understanding of true customer service.

9.The customer was unsatisfied with the product they bought.

Answer: “I would ask them if they would like to return or trade out the item, and then take them to Customer Service.”

It is important to provide good customer service as well as follow Target policies. Target has specific policies regarding refunds and exchanges. The department staff members may be able to make adjustments themselves and should avoid making promises that are not in line with the rules.

Therefore, you should take them to Customer Service.

10. What makes a good team member?

Target stores are large and staffed by a wide range of people. It is Target’s aim to make sure that new hires will fit into the company and the store.

You value cooperation, communication, and completing assignments, so these are the qualities you will bring to the team.

11. What would you do first if two managers gave you different priorities?

Conflict is an example of what they’re looking for, especially how you handle workplace conflict with team members and management.

In your answer, you should emphasize good communication. Managers may not realize they gave conflicting instructions, and some tasks may actually be of higher priority, so good communication among team members is crucial.

12. A manager gives you negative feedback on a job issue, how do respond?

A positive attitude towards the workplace, team members, and your own job performance can improve situations like this.

Explain how you made adjustments based on manager feedback, highlighting your positive attitude and eagerness.

13. When you’re in the middle of an important task, you see a safety hazard in the store, what do you do?

The safety mantra in public businesses is “If you see something, say something.” Target’s employees and customers’ safety is paramount.

Answer in a way that shows that you value this way of thinking.

14. Your cash register is short by $5.00, what do you do?

You should not tell them that you will cover the shortage. Target has specific policies concerning cash handling and does not want employees handling No matter how well-intentioned, cash will sidestep their policies. Whatever happened will be corrected by the audit procedure.

15. You see another employee pocketing $5.00 from the cash register, what do you do?

Retail losses are a major problem, so following rules, regulations, and procedures involving suspected theft is crucial. Explain that you value honesty and integrity, and that you will follow company policies.

16.What do you do when someone higher up asks you to do something unethical?

Again, Target wants to hear that you value honesty and integrity, and you will follow company policy in such an unlikely situation.

17. What questions do you have for me?

Other questions will be asked by the interviewer, such as schedule availability and such, but here is your chance to demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in working for Target and not just searching for anything that is hiring. Here are a few examples:

  • How do new hires overcome the biggest challenge in this job?
  • Are there training opportunities for this job or future positions?
  • What do you like most about working here?

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Beyond Target Interview Questions: The Job Search Process

Keep a positive attitude, stay focused, and be prepared for your Target job interview!

If you found some of the last interview questions stressful, we have another interview guide to help you describe these and other situations.

If Target isn’t hiring right now, perhaps Starbucks, Kroger, or Costco are?

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Top 20 Target Interview Questions

Top 20 Target Interview Questions
Top 20 Target Interview Questions

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