Top Online Business Ideas For Students

Top Online Business Ideas For Students: Business ideas are all around us, it’s just that some of them are better than others! When you’re looking for an online business idea, it’s vital to research your market and make sure there’s a demand for your product or service before investing any time or money into it.

Top Online Business Ideas For Students

You’ll also want to be sure that the idea you settle on will work well with your schedule and the resources available to you.


Freelancing is one of your best online business ideas for students because it gives you flexibility. You’re your own boss, and depending on what kind of work you choose to do, there’s an opportunity to make decent money while still attending school. Writing and design are two popular fields—especially with an overabundance of competition, there aren’t a lot of people writing top-quality articles, making it easy for writers to get paid well.

Graphic design can be more competitive; however, if you have some graphic design skills and know-how to write a basic description of a product or service, that could make for a great business idea for students who want to turn their hobby into something more.


Although you might think of blogging as something best left to hobbyists, professional bloggers are making a pretty penny (or at least a respectable income) with their passion projects. A 2013 study from Technorati found that top-earning blogs bring in over $100,000 per year through advertising and affiliate partnerships.

Other great online business ideas for students include launching your own subscription box service (see Side Hustle #6 on how to get started), selling homemade baked goods on Etsy, or starting a consulting firm where you help businesses develop their social media strategies. The possibilities are endless! Whatever business idea you choose, make sure it aligns with your skillset and passions—not every idea will be perfect for you.

Selling on Amazon

If you’re looking for a business idea that doesn’t take too much money to get started, you might want to consider selling on Amazon. Amazon makes it easy to sell online, with competitive fees and free shipping options. Selling on Amazon is great because there’s already an established community of shoppers and reviews to tell you what works. This can help jumpstart your business idea.

However, keep in mind that even with Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), there are costs involved as well as other limitations such as not being able to sell any new products that haven’t been approved by them first.

Virtual Assistant

The ability to work from home has always been a powerful perk in employment, but it’s never quite reached fruition as an ideal career path. That might be changing thanks to virtual assistants or VAs. VAs are everywhere and perform just about any service you can think of: transcription, graphic design, customer service, programming—the list goes on. What’s great is that it doesn’t take much experience or training to begin your own VA business; you can hire out your services at a very low cost and start-up quickly.

Everyone’s heard of it, but there are still plenty of people who don’t know how to do it. If you’re interested in becoming a drop shipper, then here’s a great guide that will explain everything you need to know: How To Become A Drop Shipper. With Amazon FBA being one of the dropshipping’s most successful business models and thousands of merchants making six-figure profits every month, there’s no better time than now to learn how to master dropshipping!…

Facebook Group

One of my favorite online communities, Facebook groups is a great place to collaborate with peers on projects and meet potential clients. Jump into relevant groups and network with people in your niche. Remember that networking isn’t about selling; it’s about offering value first and making yourself available to those who need help later on. Also, be sure to manage your time well so you don’t end up wasting hours on the unproductive conversation! Before you start commenting or interacting though, check out my tips for getting more from social media.

E-Commerce Store

If you have your heart set on starting a business, but aren’t sure where to begin, consider an e-commerce store. Creating and maintaining an online storefront is a great way to put your skills to work while earning some extra cash. It takes some time and effort to get started, but with practice and perseverance, you could become an expert online seller in no time. The opportunities are out there: One company even recently offered two female college students $75,000 for their start-up e-commerce project. Here’s how they did it—and how you can too.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, affiliate marketing is a great option. It’s easy—all you do is recommend products or services on your site (and then link to them) and if someone buys something, you get a commission. Affiliate marketing isn’t just for bloggers—it can also be an effective tool for website owners and content creators who want to earn income from their audience. Read our post on how to start an affiliate marketing business here.

9) Merch by Amazon

Amazon is still a powerful force in e-commerce and provides an opportunity for drop shippers to make money online. The process is fairly simple: sign up for an account, choose a product to sell (must be marked as fulfilled by Amazon), find a supplier, add it to your store and purchase it yourself (but don’t ship it). If you have enough inventory, Amazon will store and ship your products.

Or they can simply send potential customers directly to your site. Although you won’t see money from any sales until you hit $10, there are ways to get paid even before then—many people earn cashback through rewards cards like Chase Freedom.


In short, dropshipping is when you take orders for a product or service through an online business but don’t store or ship any of that product yourself. Instead, you find a company that makes or sells what you sell and then sends it off to your customer. This can be a great way to start your own online business because it gives you more time to focus on marketing and other important aspects of running a successful business without spending as much time worrying about manufacturing products and shipping them out. It also gives you control over your budget: since there isn’t any need to purchase products in bulk, it saves you money upfront.

Social Media Marketing

There is a huge market for those with social media skills, specifically if you’re able to learn how to use these platforms to market and sell products. The opportunities are practically endless when it comes to using social media in your business—to connect with customers, promote new products, find branding inspiration, and much more.

One of my favorite examples of a brand that does social media marketing well is Oreo: Not only does it have its own Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest profile (which collectively have millions of followers), but each platform has real-time conversations and interactions happening on it on a daily basis. To take advantage of these revenue-generating conversations and interactions, businesses need active profiles—with engaging content that keeps fans coming back for more.

As you start working on your own career, it’s also a good idea to start establishing yourself as an expert. A great way to do that is through blogging. By sharing content online and by offering advice and information, you’ll soon be seen as someone who knows what they’re talking about—and is worth following and listening to. If you don’t have something worth saying yet, consider taking an online course or reading a book that will give you a better understanding of whatever topic your business is in.

Social Media Manager

Believe it or not, you can make money on social media by managing other people’s profiles. If you know your way around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you could be a social media manager. The median salary for such jobs is $36,000 – $55,500 per year. Just remember that when a potential employer checks your profile they might discover some information that’s better left private.

SEO Services

Looking to build a business online? You’re not alone. Many students dream of starting an internet-based company but don’t know where to start or what ideas are best. Consider SEO services. Not only does a strong search engine optimization strategy help ensure that your website shows up in top searches.

But it’s also one of the most affordable and time-effective ways to bring in income from home. In fact, according to Entrepreneur magazine, more than 90 percent of all businesses seeking digital marketing services go with SEO because it is the best way for startups and small businesses to get their name out there.

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Now that you have been given some insight into some of our favorite business and blogging topics, it is time to take your own ideas and run with them. This is an awesome time to be a student because there are tons of opportunities out there waiting for you to take advantage of.

Don’t fall behind as you try to get ahead by using these creative student blogging ideas to build a future career, or at least earn some extra money! Good luck!

Top Online Business Ideas For Students
Top Online Business Ideas For Students

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