1500 Prize Bond May 2024 – Check Draw List Online

The Karachi office of the National Savings Division conducted the draw for prize bonds worth 1,500 rupees today, May 15, 2024, with lucky draw number 98.

You could be the fortunate winner of the grand prize of 3 million rupees, as the prize bond draw will take place today.

1500 Prize Bond Winners

Prize Winners
1st Prize 428984
2nd Prize (3 prizes) 556791, 829256, 885029

1500 Prize Bond Winning Amount 

01 3,000,000
03 1,000,000
1696 18,500

1500 Prize Bond Full List May 2024

The complete list of 1,500 prize bonds for May 2024 will be shared today. Stay with us for further details.

The moment of the prize bond draw is filled with excitement for the participants. Pakistanis, especially, have shown considerable interest in investing in the 1,500 rupee prize bonds.

Despite various investment options available, many Pakistanis still choose to invest in prize bonds, hoping for favorable outcomes.

The anticipation of luck and the allure of potential wins affect hope and enthusiasm, as prize bonds offer a secure investment avenue with no risk of losing the principal amount, regulated by the State Bank.

1500 Prize Bond May 2024 – Check Draw List Online
1500 Prize Bond May 2024 – Check Draw List Online

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